School Counselling Program

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) guidelines states schools to ensure compliance on a mandatory provision for full-time student counselors. The recent mandatory provision took into account the complexities that exist in the education system, as well as the different learning and psychosocial needs of children in their formative years. It also took into consideration the fact that children spend a majority of their time in schools, and the developmental tasks that they fulfill occur within the setting of the school. The role that teachers play in guidance is often limited and motivated by a more academic agenda, whereas the needs of the child remain much greater. The teacher-student ratio in India is also abysmal, with there being approximately 40-60 students with a singular teacher. As education also moves into a more market-oriented sphere, were profits determine the creation and maintenance of schools, the various learning needs of different children are often standardized.

The School Counsellor plays a much balancing role in ensuring that the students are kept at the centre of all activities at school level and works with wider eco system to ensure and promote a very healthy learning environment for students.

NMBT Counsellors works with low budget schools, where the concept of school counsellor is yet to find a strong footing. Only the impact of counsellors role has leading us  to increase number of school each year.