Heart Care Program

According to the Global Burden of Disease study age-standardized estimates (2010), nearly a quarter (24.8%) of all deaths in India are attributable to CVD. The age-standardized CVD death rate of 272 per 100 000 population in India is higher than the global average of 235 per 100 000 population.

Life lost due to heart-related disease among rural Indians have surpassed those among urban Indians, according to a forthcoming study in The Lancet. The study, also shows that heart ailments caused more than 2.1 million deaths in India in 2015 at all ages, or more than a quarter of all deaths. At ages 30-69 years, of 1.3 million cardiovascular deaths, 0.9 million (68.4%) were caused by coronary heart disease and 0.4 million (28.0%) by stroke. Adults born after the 1970s are much more vulnerable to such deaths than those born earlier, the study shows.

NMBT has been playing a significant  role in responding the need of poor population from rural Maharashtra in accessing heart care for several years by offering humble contribution in ensuring that the heart care of poor is taken care of.