Access to quality health care is a growing challenge faced by a large no of economically weaker section of our society. NMBT strives to ensure this access through its various initiatives.

Burden of Non Communicable Diseases is growing steadily and Cancer is amongst the highest life threatening disease impacting lives of millions.

With focus on serving the economically most marginalized, NMBT works closely with the Public Hospitals of Mumbai, NGOs, institutions and groups in developing strong service network that ensures encouraging environment for patients seeking treatment for cancer, coming from across the country.

Ensure effective guidance, support and motivation to patients and their care givers seeking Cancer treatment is supported by NMBTs team through Counseling Services across public hospitals of Mumbai. NMBT strives encouraging patients to complete the Cancer treatment process to its logical conclusion and thus increase the survival chances of every cancer patients.

Access to treatment for the common health ailments is equally attained by NMBT through its partner support. Low cost primary healthcare, within reach is the need of a large section of society. NMBT works with its partners to ensure that such services are made available in urban as well as rural areas.