On 19th April, Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust in collaboration with Counselor of B J Wadia Hospital, and ICMR-Palliative Care have conducted a workshop on *emotional awareness* and *Stress Bursting activity* in B.J.Wadia Hospital at Hematology Oncology OPD. The workshop on emotional awareness, titled ” *Emotion Par Jeet* ,” targeted children aged 10 and above, aiming to help them identify and manage their emotions effectively. Through engaging techniques like Simon Says, Emotion Charades, and Self Work Worksheets, children actively explored their emotions and learned methods for regulation. Notably, the Emotion Charades activity highlighted the diversity of emotional responses to different scenarios, promoting acceptance of individual reactions. Meanwhile, the stress bursting activity, ” *Bum-Chikki-Bum* ,” involved participants from all demographics present in the OPD, including parents, children, and staff. By encouraging participants to list their troubles on balloons and burst them, the activity facilitated a release of stress and promoted emotional awareness.

Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust conducts a support group every month at B Y L Nair Charitable and KEM hospital for cancer patients. Support groups play a crucial role in providing a network of understanding and resources for cancer patients and caregivers. Having experts contribute to meetings adds valuable insights, making the journey more manageable. Addressing various aspects, from emotional well-being to financial challenges, helps create a holistic support system.

December Support Group Meeting was organized for Breast Cancer Patients and their care givers at KEM Hospital on the topic “Healing with Taichi”.

Taichi is five thousand year old art from China, it is comparatively simple and comfortable martial art that is meditative and healing in nature. It works on spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels. Those who faced with physical challenges can still practice in to the best of their ability and reap benefits. Taichi focuses on energy and helps to regulate this within the body. 

Taichi is the technique which helps to increase our own energy. This energy reaches in those parts of the body where energy is low. In India there is tradition to greet to enmity or mentor before start any good work. The same way in Taichi, they call it bow.  

Ms. Kashmira Shaw (Taichi Teacher and Clinical Psychologist) and Mr. Brijesh Shaw gave an exciting demonstration of Bow to increase the energy, and made patients and caregiver to follow the steps. They explained as to how patients can do the exercise when they feel low, this exercise helps them to feel energetic.

Similarly other exercises of hand movements followed by exercises of feet whereby feet can imbibe energy from earth, toe exercise to reduce numbness in the feet.

As each finger represents a body part, demonstration dancing fingers was done as each figure represents a body part

  1. Thumb- whole body
  2. Index finger-Lung
  3. Middle finger-Heart
  4. Ring finger-Liver
  5. Little finger-Kidneys

 The dancing figure exercise is to be done 21 one times, the Tailbone tapping exercise to maintain the fitness of the body is to be done 36 times.

Dr. Shilpa Rao – who heads the breast Cancer unit of KEM Hospital guided the patients to keep two hour gap between the exercise and meals and also not to exercise during fasting.

The secession was unique, informative and fun learning for all…. Our special thanks to Ms. Kashmira and Mr. Brijesh for this wonderful secession with our patients and care givers.

Our focus is to support each and every patients and care giver with knowledge, guidance and care so that they deal with challenge of overcoming cancer with courage and confidence.  

With the help of Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children (BJWH) we have started cancer counselling program at Hemat-oncology department and OPD on 23rd June 2015. Our counsellor visits four and half days in hemat-oncology department of the hospital. We gets referrals for counseling from OPD, ward and IPCU for all type of behavioral, emotional and cognitive issues. According to the concerned areas and need of the patient, counselling procedure takes place. Counselling is done using techniques such as behavior modification, thought stopping, stress management, dealing with anxiety and depression, problem solving and decision making.

Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust is working in collaboration with B Y L Nair Charitable Hospital, Mumbai Central, Mumbai and L T M G Hospital, Sion, Mumbai for more than 10 years . We extend financial help to poor Onco patients undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy. Also, started free counselling services from 2014 for the cancer patient and their caregivers.

We have refurbished ward 20 and ward 34 of B Y L Charitable Hospital in order to improve the facility of care care services.

With the kind initiative of KEM Hospital, Breast Unit a support group activity was initiated under the leadership of committed Doctor and an equally compassionate person Dr. Shilpa Rao under the guidance of Honbl Dean Dr. Avinash Supe Sir.

The kind presence of Ms. Sunita Jadhav of Tata Memorial Hospital and her experienced anchoring of the meeting was a beautiful experience for the participating patients in this meeting of March’18. The Support Group meeting of Breast Cancer patients and their care givers will be a monthly forum for strengthening patient to patient connect in effectively dealing with the challenges posed by Breast Cancer at KEM Hospital.